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Hi, I am @Macraze, student & part-time Blogger. I like networking and technology. I have created this website to share the best Android Apps and Games to the world. I know the power of Android OS. Despite the huge competitors like Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows, Android is the #1 mobile operating system because of it's Open source License. Anybody can create an Android software without anyone's permission. You can even build your own mobile operating system by modifying Android OS and you won't be penalized!

There is tremendous possibilities with Android and hence a huge demand for Android Apps. You can download Android Apps from Google's Play Store but it has it's own pros and cons as well. Google levy a $25 bill to the Developers who want to publish their apps in Play Store via a credit card to maintain the quality of apps and preventing spam. Because of this a lot of talented developers cannot upload their apps on Play Store. Moreover you need to have a Google Account and an Android Smartphone or a Tablet to download apps from Play Store. Also the apps are installed directly to the device and when you uninstall it, its gone. You cannot store the APK file of the apps.

Considering the above points I have developed this website. And it solves almost all the problems listed above. Below are the features of this website:


Apps You Need

Get the best apps handy for your everyday life.

Games You Want

All types of games for each mood of yours.

Android Versions

Software for any version from Cupcake to Lollipop.

Surf on any Device

Browse on mobile, tablet or PC. Use whatever you want to surf.


Surf at the speed of rocket. Download supports pause & resume.

Download APK

Backup your apps & games by downloading the APK directly in your microSD.

Know the Trends

Get popular apps which are being used by most of the people around you.


Share your thoughts and recommendations about apps by commenting on them.


All the contents are manually uploaded from trusted websites. Don't worry about viruses.

Share if you Care

Share the fun with your friends and family. Let them know you care for them.

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